There are several types of work from home jobs available to the average Joe or Jane. A great place to begin is by asking yourself what your strengths are and what you actually enjoy doing. Many people are able to produce online income simply by packaging information and knowledge that they have about a topic.

Freelance Writing:

Writing is a huge part of working from home. People can find various sub categories within the writing niche – For example: Ghost writing, copy-writing, email writing, social media posting and much more. There are huge demands for this type of work and if you’re a fan of writing this can be a lucrative field to walk into.

Web Design and Graphic Design:

This can be an extremely high earning area to walk into. If you’re familiar with meeting peoples needs and translating language into stylistic designs this could be a great field for you to begin working from home.

Web design requires an expert level of communication with your client so be certain that language barriers don’t exist with any potential clients. Communication is so important because you’re taking their ideas and concepts from paper and putting into a visual structure. They must match the color, style and needs of the buyer or else risk them being dissatisfied with the product.

Customer Service:

There are larger companies who are happily outsourcing their customer service departments in order to be more efficient with space and expense. Customer service can be a tough job but it doesn’t take much knowledge or information to get started in the field.

This is definitely a place for beginning your work from home journey. Sometimes, you’ll have to get started at a physical location within the company and gradually win their trust in order to move out and work from home.

Voice Over Work:

This is a popular task thats outsourced to websites like freelancer and fiverr. There is a demand for voice over work which can be done from home and with minimal investment. Find the right job thats hiring and usually they’re not super picky about which type of mic is used or overall sound quality. They’re usually just excited to pay money and have the task completed!

Social Media Consultant:

Every company these days has a vibrant social media plan and it plays a huge role in the profiteering of their business. If you’re gifted at posting trending content, this may be a lucrative niche for you to get started in. These types of consultants will usually plan out social media posts, content and media buying. This can be a very financially rewarding job for the right person.