Building Community While Working From Home

Working from home can be a pretty lonely experience – But not for long, thats why we’ve created some creative ways to make working from home way less lonely. There are actually a lot of people choosing to work form home these days – A staggering five thousand people choose to start working from home each and every day, all over the world.

Just form that number alone, we can enjoy the fact that we’re not totally alone in this chosen line of work. How do we meet people who share these ambitions though? There are several online communities and places to find these people. Have you ever heard of a website called Meetup? Thats a great place to get started.

I live in a small/medium sized city in the United States and we have a few different groups that meet and discuss working form home. This can be a lot of fun, especially when you meet other individuals that you share this unique lifestyle with. Being able to meet other people that work form home has really inspired me to take my career seriously.

Facebook and community calendars are a great place to find others who are hosting groups and meetups related to working form home. Also try checking out local coworking offices for upcoming mixers and events. These can also serve as a great opportunity for meeting people.

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