Traveling and Working Abroad

Have you ever dreamed of running over the sandy dunes of exotic beaches or eating from the bustling street vendors in Thailand? Perhaps it’s time you begin seriously considering the capabilities and more adventurous side of working from home.

Certainly working from home can provide you with certain freedoms. The goal of working from home is to ultimately give you these new freedoms. This is more about stretching those freedoms as far as they can go. What this starts to look life is a freelancer traveling the world, funding their adventure purely through remote work that they’ve built up for themselves.

This type of lifestyle may not be sustainable when you begin to have a family or want to settle down, but it can be an amazing way to add an adventurous, action packed chapter to your life. Having children and a significant other could even make this type of lifestyle not at all appealing.

While traveling its important to budget carefully because you’ll need enough currency to keep your freelancing afloat as well as enough currency to keep a roof over your head. After all, working from home is hard enough, no need to work form home while being home-less!!

Take lots of pictures and record these memories as you venture across the world. Happy travels and hope you’re able to find a great work from home job that suits your traveling lifestyle.

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